keskiviikko 9. maaliskuuta 2011

"Listen to my evolution..."

ただいま!Yeah, long time no see. To be honest, whenever I don't have desire I cannot write only because of responsibility (velvollisuus to myself uknow XD) and because I write this for myself, it does matter how I feel about this...I mean how I feel about writing down these things. I used to write diary on irc-galleria almost everyday so it almost became routine, but because it became routine it lost its meaning uknow. ...and as you see I'm writing in english just because I felt like writing in english. x) I'm sorry if I make mistakes, but in order to improve my skills I must write without thinking that "omg what if I do embarrassing mistakes etc" Somehow eventhough I'm not good in english I love to write things in english and to be honest I even think in english pretty often, maybe it has come to this because I have watched so many doramas with english subs.

Days and even weeks have passed by and I have felt many feelings since I last wrote...embarrassement, stress, despair, happiness, laziness...etc. SO...we had our "Penkkarit" and we went to "ABIcruise" (on Silja Line) and they were lots of fun, eventhough on the cruise I bit...well...overdid uknow Nippon drinks are おいしい!;) ...and if somebody didn't know "Nippon" means Japan...but maybe it has some other meaning in some other language, so I don't know why that drink has that name...who knows...But anyway Penkkarit and Abiristeily(cruise), I had lots of fun with my friends, so that's almost everything that counts. :)

YESTERDAY. I LOVED IT. :) now you gonna ask why. One word: Girugamesh ♥ so I was with my friends (thnx Minna,Laura,Eeva,Katri,Kati and new fella Paula (fella :D sounds funny)) at the Girugamesh's consert and I totally loved it. Girugamesh is propably my fav band and Satoshi is amazing, his voice and appearance. *q* (ofc Ryo,Shuu and Nii too are amazing. :) hehs) I tried to remember which songs they played and ones I knew for sure were evolution, break down, kowareteiku sekai, vision, beast, calling, dirty story, owari to mirai...and then I wasn't that sure if they palyed driving time and bit crash too, but I thought maybe they did and maybe something else too, which I don't remember >_< ...but I don't have that new album GO yet, so I only new few songs from that album....but I really need to order it now! :D I just checked and it can be ordered already....I'm so happy >w<  ...oh and we had good spot at consert :D so I was able to see well and I was satisfied...

NOW...I'll go to order that CD and listen to more seeya dudes, have fun.....


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