perjantai 11. maaliskuuta 2011

The World is scary, don't you think so?

JPN~ I don't have much to say, but to be honest I was shocked and I was even shocked about my own reaction too. Ofc I have known it for a long time already, that I can feel empathy this strong, but somehow sometimes it's embarrassing, so I won't talk too much about it...but that situation in Japan made me realize it again. Whole day I have been thinking that situation (uknow earthquakes and tsunami in Japan)...even now I'm watching japanese news and I talked to my japanese friends...I was relieved that they are fine, but still I'm frustrated that when something like this happens there isn't much for us, people to do...we vs. natural phenomena, it's obviously 0-6 that's why I'm kinda frustrated. We are so small...even if world would face its end, we couldn't do anything about it. I'm sorry...for being so depressing. It's not time for that, we should more likely be supporting our japanese friends, yeah, let's do that~ がんばります!

Next time~ my diary~ seeya after A-levels~

keskiviikko 9. maaliskuuta 2011

"Listen to my evolution..."

ただいま!Yeah, long time no see. To be honest, whenever I don't have desire I cannot write only because of responsibility (velvollisuus to myself uknow XD) and because I write this for myself, it does matter how I feel about this...I mean how I feel about writing down these things. I used to write diary on irc-galleria almost everyday so it almost became routine, but because it became routine it lost its meaning uknow. ...and as you see I'm writing in english just because I felt like writing in english. x) I'm sorry if I make mistakes, but in order to improve my skills I must write without thinking that "omg what if I do embarrassing mistakes etc" Somehow eventhough I'm not good in english I love to write things in english and to be honest I even think in english pretty often, maybe it has come to this because I have watched so many doramas with english subs.

Days and even weeks have passed by and I have felt many feelings since I last wrote...embarrassement, stress, despair, happiness, laziness...etc. SO...we had our "Penkkarit" and we went to "ABIcruise" (on Silja Line) and they were lots of fun, eventhough on the cruise I bit...well...overdid uknow Nippon drinks are おいしい!;) ...and if somebody didn't know "Nippon" means Japan...but maybe it has some other meaning in some other language, so I don't know why that drink has that name...who knows...But anyway Penkkarit and Abiristeily(cruise), I had lots of fun with my friends, so that's almost everything that counts. :)

YESTERDAY. I LOVED IT. :) now you gonna ask why. One word: Girugamesh ♥ so I was with my friends (thnx Minna,Laura,Eeva,Katri,Kati and new fella Paula (fella :D sounds funny)) at the Girugamesh's consert and I totally loved it. Girugamesh is propably my fav band and Satoshi is amazing, his voice and appearance. *q* (ofc Ryo,Shuu and Nii too are amazing. :) hehs) I tried to remember which songs they played and ones I knew for sure were evolution, break down, kowareteiku sekai, vision, beast, calling, dirty story, owari to mirai...and then I wasn't that sure if they palyed driving time and bit crash too, but I thought maybe they did and maybe something else too, which I don't remember >_< ...but I don't have that new album GO yet, so I only new few songs from that album....but I really need to order it now! :D I just checked and it can be ordered already....I'm so happy >w<  ...oh and we had good spot at consert :D so I was able to see well and I was satisfied...

NOW...I'll go to order that CD and listen to more seeya dudes, have fun.....